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Financial analysis of the worldwide performance of Starbucks

The aim of this financial analysis of Starbucks is to obtain a deep knowledge of annual financial reports and other corporate information, which can provide us measurable conclusions about the company. It is essential to understand the nature of companys business, by analyzing its economic and financial environment and strategy choices made in the past.
This report will begin with industry and company description, followed by financial performance overview and projection of company development over the next two years.
Conclusions drawn from above analysis will support managers in making a decision whether to invest in the company.
2. The industry description
The coffee industry is growing since 2002, and in recent years there was a boom caused by consumers becoming more educated about espresso-based drinks and how they are made (H. Holmes, 2004). The coffee industry includes 20,000 outlets with combined revenue of $11 billion. Approximately 20 million people work in the coffee industry worldwide.

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